"Augmented reality creates opportunities for retailers"
Pokémon Go is breaking all records this summer. How does this influence retail?

What influence will augmented reality have on our buying patterns?

Today's retailers help us to make decisions: they offer us all the ingredients for a recipe in one place, or a whole outfit instead of a pair of trousers here and a T-shirt there. Will this trend intensify in future, or will we simply pick out the best things for ourselves wherever we find them?

More and more newspapers are selling their articles per piece. Is this a natural outcome of this phenomenon?

We increasingly move in circles that confirm our worldviews, for example when it comes to media preferences or online shopping. How can brands continue to reach us in these filter bubbles?

What will our brand perception look like in future?

Jakub Samochowiec will speak at the 66th International Retail Summit from 8 – 9 September 2016, delivering a talk entitled “Seven billion youniverses: where you can reach the customers of tomorrow”. Register now!

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